Class rating instructor: for about € 1.900 you can earn your instructor’s rating!

Class rating instructor – here is what the new EU-FCL says on a rating which is of extreme value to most flying clubs and pilots:

Privileges and conditions (FCL.905.CRI CRI)

(a) The privileges of a CRI are to instruct for:
(1) the issue, revalidation or renewal of a class or type rating for non-complex non-highperformance single-pilot aeroplanes, when the privileges sought by the applicant are to fly in single-pilot operations;
(2) a towing or aerobatic rating for the aeroplane category, provided the CRI holds the relevant rating and has demonstrated the ability to instruct for that rating to an FI qualified inaccordance with FCL.905.FI(i). ….

And here are the entry requirements for a CRI

FCL.915.CRI CRI – Prerequisites

An applicant for a CRI certificate shall have completed at least:
(a) for multi-engine aeroplanes:
(1) 500 hours flight time as a pilot on aeroplanes;
(2) 30 hours as PIC on the applicable class or type of aeroplane;

(b) for single-engine aeroplanes:
(1) 300 hours flight time as a pilot on aeroplanes;
(2) 30 hours as PIC on the applicable class or type of aeroplane.

FCL.930.CRI CRI – Training course

(a) The training course for the CRI shall include, at least:
(1) 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction;
(2) 10 hours of technical training, including revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom/simulator instructional skills;
(3) 5 hours of flight instruction on multi-engine aeroplanes, or 3 hours of flight instruction on single-engine aeroplanes ….

As you look into the privileges provides by the CRI-rating it is evident that the CRI-rating is of high value for a lot of flying clubs and individual pilots. The CRI-rated pilot may perform most of the duties of a full flight instructor , such as:

  • difference training
  • training flights for the renewal or reissue of ratings such as the single engine piston rating(SEP) which is a kind of daily business in flying clubs
  • and also training for aerobatic and towing can be provided.

Pilot Training Europe has trained CRIs over the last five years, many from European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Denmark. Applicants from other European countries are welcome.
All training will be provided in German and/or English. All training and skill tests will be done in Germany/Austria, and the competent European authority will endorse the rating in the applicants’ license upon receiving all documentation on training and skill test from our flight schools’ head of training.

For the SEP CRI course total cost will be about € 1.900, pending actual exchange rate and aircraft used. Call us for an actual offer.

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